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  • Overview

    A Men's Conference Exploring Robust Manhood in the Light of Jesus Christ

    In an era of rapid cultural change and moral decline, God calls us to a manhood rooted and grounded in the Scriptures, fueled by repentance, faith, and love for Jesus Christ, emboldened to purposeful living, thus reflecting the image of God through Jesus Christ. 

    Come participate with us as we examine life's critical questions for men in the light of the word of the living God.

    • How Do I Worship God?
    • How Do I Love God?
    • What is my Purpose as a Man-Made in the Image of God?
    • How Do I Love my Wife?
    • How Do I Express Sexuality? - Ungodly Sexuality
    • How Do I Express Sexuality? - Godly Sexuality
    • How Do I Influence my Children?
    • How Do I Use Language and Communication?
    • How Will I Be Remembered?

    Attendees may request refunds up to 7 days prior to the event.  Refunds will be the registration fee amount less the  Eventbrite handling fee.

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  • Speakers

    Todd Adams

    Todd Adams is a counselor, an elder of Central Valley Presbyterian Church, and a missionary sent by the church.  He has been serving pastors, Christian men, and their families for over 25 years with Biblically grounded and permeated counsel. Todd has been married to his best friend, Colleen, for 34 years. They have five children, all of whom were fully home-educated. Two are headed into medical missions as doctors, one is working as an attorney. All five have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. 

    Todd and Colleen (who counsels women, with a significant focus on missionary care) have been working intensively with the home-educating community for many years. Todd’s focus is to go deep with men, helping them to center their lives upon love for Jesus Christ and living to their God-given purpose. 

    Todd and Colleen devote a portion of their time to coming alongside overseas Christian missionaries and pastors. They have answered a call of God to minister particularly in small, isolated places and island communities. They lived with their children for ten years on the Iles de la Madeleine, a tiny French-speaking, Acadian, archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. Todd’s work with this small people group continues to the present.   

    Todd and Colleen have devoted their lives to serving the Christian family and the church. Their work is sustained by donations.  

    Steve Walker

    Steve Walker is passionate about ministering to and encouraging men for the glory of God. Steve pastors a church in Central California and enjoys dating his wife, running, biking, playing softball, entertaining his thirteen grandchildren, and teaching families to love and serve Christ. 

    Scott Parish

    Scott Parish is a member of Mariposa Reformed Baptist Church, is a semi-retired architect, and represents the ministry of Church & Family Life.  Scott and his wife Sandy have been married for 38 years and have eight children and 15 grandchildren.  In 2005, the Lord Jesus Christ delivered them from the bondage of a cult in which they had spent most of their lives, bringing them hope and light in the forgiveness of sin through the revelation of the grace of God in the true gospel.

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